Diy Rose Water For Locs. Rosewater can be applied to your skin directly for moisturization and glow. Not only will you learn how to make homemade rose water, but you'll get a diy rosewater face toner recipe too!

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Use the rose water as a toner by applying it to the skin with a cotton wool ball after cleansing. This is the simplest method and the one i tend to prefer over the others. Rose water was first made by chemists in the islamic golden age as a perfume and beverage, and in the years since it has become quite popular for a number of uses. Add a few oils and you have a light weight moisturizer! Reduce puffy eyes by cooling the water in the fridge for half an hour then soaking two cotton pads with the cool liquid and placing on the eyes for 10 minutes. Rose water has so many benefits for your skin, plus it's a super clean beauty ingredient and great for sensitive skin. Rose water is useful in so many ways.

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In this video i will be showing you how to make your own rose water , and trying it out on my locs for you! Rosewater can be applied to your skin directly for moisturization and glow. Rose water makes a wonderful base for making substitutes for perfumed sprays. No matter what your skin use rose water to prevent or reduce eye puffiness. If you have any questions. It is also said that the ancient romans used to bathe in rose water, aside. Rose water has been used for thousands of years, starting in the middle east, where they blended roses and h2o for beauty, food and drinks. It's really easy to diy.

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