How To Deactivate Instagram Account. An account can be deactivated only once in a single week. How to permanently delete an instagram account.

How To Delete Or Deactivate Your Instagram Account Official Plus
How To Delete Or Deactivate Your Instagram Account Official Plus from

How to deactivate your instagram account. Deleting an instagram account is irreversible. So that's how you can deactivate instagram account from your mobile as well as pc. You can temporarily deactivate your instagram account once a week. Learn how to delete your instagram account permanently or deactivate it temporarily with this guide. On your desktop, visit the instagram website and log into your account. Instagram can be a wonderful place to share photos and videos as well as reactions or comments with followers and friends alike.

Currently, instagram is one of the leading social media platforms.

We'll review both options, so you can decide if you'd rather take a break or cut ties with instagram forever. How to hide my instagram posts from people. How to delete your instagram account. If you intend to return back to the platform then it is highly recommended that you deactivate instagram account with this method. How many times can you deactivate instagram account? How to recover deleted or archived photos on instagram. To temporarily delete your instagram account and its content, here's how you do it: In case you want to bring down instagram usage time then we would recommend using the alternative methods mentioned above.

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